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Gudrun Walther & Juergen Treyz - Duo



01 Hier ist Freude
02 Tantz
03 Ich weiß ein fein brauns Mägdelein
04 Menuette
05 Lenore
06 Carlotta's Jig
07 Schartlusie
08 Als ich dich kaum gesehn
09 Sesken


01 Roseville Fair
02 The Moving Pint
03 Maid On The Shore
04 Jigs Into Polka
05 She's Like The Swallow
06 Galway Bay
07 Lowlands Of Holland
08 The Diplodocus
09 Sticks That Made Thunder
10 Until We Meet Again

Gudrun Walther: vocals, fiddle, diatonic button accordion

Juergen Treyz: guitar, vocals


Produced by Juergen Treyz and Gudrun Walther
Recorded in Aschau/Zillertal, Austria and live at the Pumpwerk, Hockenheim, Germany (track 2/04)
Mixed and mastered by Juergen Treyz at artes Tonstudio, Esslingen, Germany
© artes records 2017
Distribution: Galileo Music

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