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Hi there, 
we have retreated to the Austrian Alps to record our new album. We’ve rented a remote, 300 year-old mountain hut (well -  electricity and water have been installed) to  concentrate on working on our new material and record it. Our car was crammed with instruments, recording gear, tune collections, songbooks, food and drink and we hope that we’re gonna be kissed by our muse here. 
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We’ll post what’s going on, upload snippets of recordings and short video clips on our Facebook Page - so stay in touch and give us a ‚like‘! :)

Duo Cover
Our latest double album has been released at December, 1st and is now available through the webshop on this website as well as through most of the usual music download platforms.

Our new album is called „DUO“ and the name says it all.. It’s actually two CDs - a German and a Celtic one - that we release as a double album. The German side features a traditional song and three poems of famous German poets (Mörike, Storm, Bürger) that we set to new music. Also, we put four lovely traditional tunes on it as well as one original composition.

The Celtic (and American) side features five songs (three Irish/two American) as well as five tune sets which are a mix of traditional, contemporary and self-penned material. It’s a CD of all-time favourites and exciting new material.

We have recorded this album as a duo - no guest musicians, no overdubs, no clicktracks - on a remote mountain hut overlooking the Austrian Alps. We are very happy with this CD, which in a very pure and direct way represents what brings us the most joy these days - just to sit down and play music together. We hope that it will bring you some joy, too and are looking forward to numerous orders!  :)

Hi folks, we’re back from our spring tour 2017 and enjoyed each and every one of the 14 gigs. We’ve also managed to film a new tour trailer which gives you a glimpse of what’s happening at our gigs.


It is about time for a new album - our kind fans and audience members keep reminding us at every show :-)
We have a few lovely tunes and songs ready to record, and about the same amount in the drawer, hiding in old tune collections or waiting to be put to new music.
So we made some space in our summer schedule, rented a 300 year old cottage in the alps and will turn it into our recording studio for 2 weeks. We’ll take all the songbooks, sheet music and our instruments and hope to return from the mountain with a new CD for you. We are looking forward to the experience!

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